Tuesday, November 16, 2010

19th-Century American Women by Sheldon Peck 1797-1868

Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Elizabeth Ann Ferris Preston c 1825
Sheldon Peck (1797-1868)
Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Mrs Dodge

Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Frances Almira Millener and Fanny Root Millener

Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Phebe Welch 1837

Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Portrait of a Woman 1825

Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Portrait of Miss Dodge

Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Anna Gould Crand and Granddaughter Jenette 1837

Born in Cornwall, Vermont in 1797, Sheldon Peck was an itinerant, self-taught painter. Although he did not sign his work, his paintings are distinctive and easily recognized. Subjects often have piercing eyes and serious expressions.

Sheldon Peck (American painter, 1797-1868) Mrs Murry 1820-25

Peck had three distinct artistic periods: The Vermont period (1820-1827), The New York period (1828-1836) and the Illinois period (after 1836). While in Illinois, Peck found success as a farmer, a community education leader & portraitist; he died in 1868.

Sheldon Peck (1797-1868)