Sunday, January 9, 2011

Etiquette for American Ladies 1840 - On Receiving Guests At Home

Etiquette for Ladies: With Hints on the Preservation, Improvement, and Display of Female Beauty. Published by Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia. 1838-1840

To receive visitors with ease and elegance, and in such a manner that every thing in you, and about you, shall partake of propriety and grace,— to endeavour that people may always be satisfied when they leave you, and be desirous to come again, — are the obligations of the master, and especially of the mistress, of a house.

Every thing in the house ought, as far as possible, to offer solid comfort, and true grace.

Perfect order, exquisite neatness and elegance, which easily dispense with being sumptuous, ought to mark the entrance of the house, the furniture, and the dress of the lady.