Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Dreaded Dentist


I had a tooth pulled Monday, and I am still regretting it. Today Accessible Archives posted this 1859 notice.

June 18, 1859, Vincennes Indiana Gazette

Notice. - A couple of men whom I believe to be downright imposters , and who call themselves by the name of Jones, have been traveling about over this country pretending to be dentists , and circulating the report that I had left. Now this is a falsehood, I am here yet and intend remaining here.

The public is informed that I may be found at my office one door north of Van Trees' store.

The persons referred to, know nothing about the profession, and mutilate most horribly, all on whom they operate. I believe them to be impostors of the most dangerous kind. Look out for them.

J.A. DALE. Washington, Indiana Washington Telegraph