Friday, July 1, 2016

Lady Liberty in 19C America

In the 19th century, as the country grew and faced new challenges, Lady Liberty changed to reflect the times.

 The classical Lady Liberty holds a liberty cap on the top of an American flag, while leaning on an anchor symbolizing the nation's strength at sea.

Lady Liberty with an eagle holding a liberty cap and resting on a shield.

 Here Lady Liberty hands a standard to a soldier, while holding an American shield in the company of a Bald Eagle. The shield is an age-old image of defense, military strength, & nationalism. The bald eagle, a pure, white-capped bird of prey, native to North America, symbolized winged freedom.

 Lady Liberty holds the liberty cap on a pole in one hand, while holding an American shield in the other. She is communicating with an American bald eagle.

 Lady Liberty & a bald eagle sit in a field of stars, each holding a banner declaring E Pluribus Unum. Lady Liberty is fending off an arrow attack with her American shield, while holding a cache of weapons securely beneath her foot.

 Here Lady Liberty holds a liberty cap on an American flag pole, while securely resting on an anchor symbolizing America's prowess at sea.

 A seated Lady Liberty holds a liberty cap on a pole & an American shield supported by images of industry & sea power behind her.

 Lady Liberty holds a liberty cap on a pole & an American shield in front of bustling American industry behind her.

This Lady Liberty is atheletic & strong, marching firmly ahead holding an American flag in one hand & the laurel wreath of victory in the other.

Lady Liberty holds the American flag & points toward the future.

 This Lady Liberty holding a blank tablet with a resting American shield, sitting on bales of cotton from the South, is placed in front of a locomotive steaming to aid commerce & busy industrial factories of the North. The tablet refers to the Mosaic tradition of figures displaying the old Biblical law on a tablet, as well as to Moses leading his people to the promised land.

 Lady Liberty holds a sword in one hand & the scales of justice in the other, while standing on books of wisdom.

Here is Lady Liberty pointing to the future, while holding an American flag & standing on a pedestal engraved with the year 1776, which also supports an American eagle.

 In preparation for a conflict, Lady Liberty wears a helmut prepared for battle, with a shield in one hand & a sword in the other.

Lady Liberty is a helmuted, warlike woman holding the sword of the union in her hand, prepared to fight to hold the union together.

Lady Liberty Civil War

Statue of Liberty 1886

After the Statue of Liberty of 1886

1892 Lady Liberty