Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today in History written by Philadelphian Francis Shallus in 1817

January 2
2. 1777. Cannonading' at Trenton. The British repulsed in their attempt to cross Sanpink creek bridge. In the night general Washington retired leaving his fires burning.

2. 1788. Federal Constitution adopted unanimously by Georgia, being the fourth state in succession that adopted it.

2. 1815. General Adair joined general Jackson with 4000 men, and encamped within three miles of New Orleans. Same day, the prince regent of England, extended the military Order of Bath; and divided it into three classes, viz. 1st, Knight's grand crosses. 2d, Knights commanders, and 3d, Companions. This order was created by George I. Same day, lieutenant colonel Peter L. Berry's de tachment of Philadelphia militia of general Cadwalader's brigade, was inspected and discharged the United States service.

2. 1817. Elias Boudinot of Burlington, New Jersey, gave 500 dollars towards the establishment of the asylum for teaching the deaf and dumb, instituted at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1816. In 1794 he gave 2,666 dollars to the college of New Brunswick, and 10,000 dols. in 1816 to the Bible society. He also gave other donations to a very considerable amount.
About the author:
Francis Shallus (1773-1821) was born in Philadelphia into a patriotic family,  as the revolution was beginning to swirl around his town. When things began to calm down in Philadelphia, young Shallus apprenticed to Robert Scot, the 1st engraver actually employed by the Philadelphia Mint. While working at his busy little print shop as the fledgling nation grew, he apparently decided to share his knowlege and opinions of history in book form. He published 2 volumes called Chronological tables for every day in the year, compiled from the most authentic documents. His work was the first American "Today in History."  Although these volumes produced in 1817, contain events before America's colonization, I will include only British American & early national citations in this blog.