Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From the Newspapers - The Hired Girl

.Don’t light the fire with kerosene. Let the hired girl do it. She hasn’t any wife and children; you have.
–from The Climax, Richmond, Kentucky, February 19, 1890

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

American Artist John S. Blunt 1798–1835 The Borden Limner

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Lady with a Gold Comb

John S. Blunt was was born in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area. Many of John S. Blunt's family were seafaring people. His father was a ship captain, as were other members of his family. Blunt did come to paint Atlantic maritime scenes, but they were not his most popular works. It is reported, that he trained as a young man at the Boston workshop of John Ritto Penniman (American craftsman & artist, 1782-1841), learning the craft of painting signs, fire buckets, militia standards, & other forms of ornamental painting. In 1819, Blunt traveled with portrait artist William P. Codman up the Merrimack River as far as Concord, NH, seeking commissions for portraits, landscapes, & fancy paintings.

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Joann Edson Borden (1811-1849)

For over a century, the work Blunt did was not attributed to him. He was coined the “Borden Limner” after portraits in New Bedford, MA, of Captain Borden & his wife. The Borden Limner was later identified as John S Blunt using the artist’s ledgers & comparing entries to known portraits.

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Portrait of a Young Woman

Primarily Blount painted portraits of fashionably dressed & elegantly coifed ladies with elaborate period hairdos. Some wear stylish lace caps or gold & tortoiseshell combs. Most of his female sitters wear brooches, necklaces, earrings, & rings. Through his ads, which appeared between 1819-1828 in the New Hampshire Patriot & New Hampshire Gazette, he sought commissions for portraits; advertised an exhibition of his paintings; & sought young lady “scholars” for his drawing & painting school. His surviving detailed ledger indicates that he was frequently hired by Masonic groups, for whom he made aprons, sashes, & military standards.

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Lady in a Black Dress

Blunt married Esther Peake Colby (1801-1872) in Boston in 1821; and in 1825, he opened an art instruction school in Portsmouth. John S. Blunt moved to Boston in 1831, opening a studio at 54 Cornhill, while living on Castle Street. He would only live in Boston 3 years.

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Portrait of a Lady

Blunt advertised that he could paint oil portraits on canvas; work on glass, paint signs; do ornamental enameling, gilding, & bronzing; and make military standards. Blunt seemed most comfortable using oils on small canvases. Occasionally, he also painted on wood panels. As a portrait painter, he obviously believed in black, red, & the puffiest of sleeves.

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Miss Frances A Motley

John S. Blunt died aboard the ship Ohio on a voyage from New Orleans to Boston in 1835, at the age of 37.

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) The Willard Family

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Mrs Miller of Newton, New Jersey c 1830

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Portrait of Rebecca Brownell

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Portrait of a Young Lady

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Lady on a Red Sofa 1833

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Lady Wearin a Green Dress with Jewelry

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Portrait of a Lady

John S. Blunt (American artist, 1798–1835) Possibly Martha Coggswell (Mrs Fraklin Colburn)

American Artist William Jennys 1774-1858

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858), Unknown Woman

William Jennys, an itinerant portraitist, was painting in the vicinity of New Milford, Connecticut in the mid-1790s, & then in New York City. After 1800, he was traveling from the Connecticut River Valley into Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, & even ventured into the southern states.

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Young Lady. 1800-1802

William Matthew Jennys was born in Boston, Massachusettes, the son of itinerant portrait painter Richard Jennys & his wife Sarah Ireland. The elder Jennys painted & taught painting in Charleston & Savannah, before returning to Connecticut in 1791, to paint with his son William & to open another painting school. The younger Jennys trained with his father; & initially, they traveled together seeking commissions. William's style was more realistic than his father's. The younger Jennys could portray the personalities of his subjects but had a little difficulty with arms & hands.

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Woman with a Fan.

Although William first advertised alone in the Norwich, Connecticut Packet in 1792-3, it took him about 10 years to become financially secure enought to settle in one place for a while. During that time, he worked in Milford, Connecticut, & was listed in the New York City directories as a portraitist in 1797-98. In 1804, he finally settled in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where, during the next 5 years he had the most productive period of his career, completing 35 portraits. He lived there, except for a year, when he traveled to the Bahamas after the death of his father. When he returned to the United States, he worked as a comb maker in New York City. After 1817, he moved to Littleton, New Hampshire, with his wife, where he lived until his death in 1859.

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Portrait of a Woman

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Mrs. Chandler of Vermont. 1800-1802

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Mrs. Asa Benjamin. 1795

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Joanna Hoyt. 1802

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Elizabeth Stone Coffin

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Woman Wearing High Waist Bow and Bonnet with Matching Bow

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858). Mrs. Cooke.

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858), Brown-Haired Young Woman

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858), Peggy Ashley of Westfield, Massachusetts

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858) Brown-Haired Woman with Book

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858) Mary Grove (Mrs. Cephas Smith Jr & Child)

William Jennys (American artist, 1774-1858) Woman with a Fan

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From the Newspapers - Milking Stool

Mr. Arthur Antle presented his wife with a new 3-legged milk stool on the occasion of their wedding anniversary last week.

-from The Indian Republican, Tulsa, Indian Territory (IT), 1900

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