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Swinging on Gate

John George Brown (1831-1913) Swinging on a Gate, Southampson, New York 1878

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Richard Caton Woodville 1825-1855 - A Man's World - Baltimore

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855) Politics in an Oysterhouse 1848

Richard Caton Woodville (1825-1855) was supported by his prosperous Baltimore family, who had hoped he would become a physician, in his endeavor to become an artist by trade.

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855) Scene in a Bar Room 1845

His young artistic talent was stirred by his access to the art collection of early Baltimore art collector Robert Gilmore, whose collection included Dutch & Flemish genre paintings depicting domestic scenes of people in interiors.

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855) Old 76 and Young 48, 1849

Some of Woodville's most delightful works are his genre scenes of Baltimore's citizens. Like many genre painters working for centuries before him, Woodville's paintings depict anecdotal details as well as unresolved conflict. Woodville was a storyteller.

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855) The Card Players

Woodville recorded his early life in Baltimore in the form of drawings, including those depicting his University of Maryland medical school faculty during 1842-3, when he studied medicine.

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855) News About the War in Mexico 1848

He finally decided to turn from medical studies to full-time painting; and in 1845, he sailed to study art in Düsseldorf.  He spent time in Europe, but his extant paintings reflect a relish for the people & interiors of American life.

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855) Waiting for the Stage

While Woodville produced most of his work after leaving Baltimore in 1845 to travel widely in Germany, France & England, he continued to paint Maryland subject matter. He also sailed back to Baltimore for at least 2 visits after his 1845 departure.

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855) The Sailor's Wedding 1852

Woodville died at age 30 from an overdose morphine

Richard Caton Woodville (American painter, 1825-1855)  Self Portrait 1853