Saturday, March 2, 2019

1801 41-year-old Virginia Woman

1801 Jacob Frymire (c 1770-1822). Amelia Heiskell Lauck (1760-1842) of Winchester

The artist Jacob Frymire (c 1770-1821), born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, worked as an itinerant artist in Virginia & Kentucky during the early 19C. Amelia was the wife of Peter Lauck, who built the Red Lion Inn in Winchester in 1783. She was just 41 years old when this portrait was painted.  The Georgian-style limestone tavern known as the Red Lion was constructed circa 1783, by Lauck, a member of Morgan’s Riflemen.  Lauck & his wife Amelia, known as “Mother Lauck,” kept the Red Lion from 1783 to 1831. Lauck sold the tavern to his son Issac in 1831 & retired to his home “Edgehill.". However, they did not stay in retirement long, buying the property back from Issac 3 years later & living there until his death in 1839, with Amelia following him in 1842.