Thursday, December 2, 2021

Etiquette for American Ladies 1840 - Consent for an Introduction

Etiquette for Ladies: With Hints on the Preservation, Improvement, and Display of Female Beauty. Published by Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia. 1838-1840

In the introduction of one gentleman to another, great prudence and caution must be used by the really polite man; but in the introduction of ladies to each other, and to gentlemen, infinitely more care is necessary, as a lady cannot shake off an improper acquaintance with the same facility as a gentleman can do, and their character is much easier affected by apparent contact with the worthless and the dissipated.

It is incumbent, therefore, on ladies to avoid all proffers of introductions, unless from those on whom, from relationship or other causes, they can place the most implicit confidence.

As a general rule, ladies may always at once accord to any offers of introduction that may proceed from a father, mother, husband, sister, or brother; those from intimate cousins and tried friends are also to be considered favourably, although not to be entitled to the same implicit reliance as the former.

No person of correct feeling will make an introduction to a lady, without having first apprized her of it, and obtained her consent.