Sunday, July 10, 2022

Went To the Beauty Salon Today

Went to have my hair cut today. Beautiful salon full of beautiful people, all young enough to be my children & grandchildren. All size 2 with lovely tans. I was at least as old as the women in these paintings by John Singer Sargent, but I was dressed in my "relaxed" black yoga clothes & those funny little flats with the elastic across the top to hold them on so you won't lose them if your memory fails or your legs give way. All the size 2's were dressed as the up & coming young professionals, that they are. And then the staff sits you in front of a full length mirror, while they "evaluate" your hair & face before they cut away. There is no where to hide & no forgetting just how old & out of shape you are. And I don't even own glorious clothes like these as a sort of a meager consolation...

John Singer Sargent (1856 - 1925). Mrs Ernest Hills

John Singer Sargent (1856 - 1925). Mrs Gardner in White

John Singer Sargent (1856 - 1925). Mrs Henry Phipps and her Grandson Winston.