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1814 Rules for The Litchfield Female Academy in Connecticut

Rules for the Girls at The Litchfield Female Academy

RULES FOR THE SCHOOL AND FAMILY. [Copied by Eliza Ann Mulford in 1814.] It is expected that every young Lady who attends this School will be careful to observe the following rules.
The Litchfield Female Academy in Connecticut

1 To be always present at family prayers

2 It is hop'd that each young Lady will read a portion of scripture in private and regularly address her Maker - Morning and evening. They who begin the day in prayer will probably find cause to end it in praise.

3 Let our Saviours maxim be follow'd at all times. Do unto others, as you would they should do unto you.

4 Avoid anger, Wrath and evil speaking. a tale bearer separates chief Friends.

5  It is expected public Worship be attended every sabbath except sickness or some unavoidable circumstance prevents, which you will dare to produce as a sufficient excuse at the day of Judgement.

6  It is expected that your outward deportment be grave and decent, while in the house of God and that you be more ready to hear, than give the sacrifice of fools.

7 The sabbath is to be kept holy throughout not wasted in sloth, frivolous conversation, light reading, or vain employment, but every moment must be employed in endeavoring to improve your own heart in doing good to others Those who honour my sabbath, I will honour is the promise of the great and unchangable God

8 It is expected that every hour during the week be fully accomplish'd, either in useful employment or necessary recreation Keep always in remembrance that time is a most invaluable blessing, and that for all our time but — particularly for the hours of youth and health you must give an account to God.

9 Every real Lady will treat her superior with due reverence, her companions with politeness, good humor she will always show, a sweet temper, a modest deportment on all occasions, never forgetting what is due to all persons in every situation.

10 Those hours appropriated for any particular study, must not be employed in other occupation. Nothing can be well done without proper attention to regularity & there is time enough to acquire every useful and elegant accomplishmt provided order be observed

11 Profusion in expenses, a want of Neatness and economy, a stupid inattention to instruction, are indications of a bad heart and must be avoided.

12 Each young lady must observe the particular rules of the family in which she resides.

QUESTIONS to ask yourself.

Have you rose early enough for the duties of the morning.

Have you read a portion of scripture by yourself.

Have you prayed to that God in Whose hands your breath is.

Have you in all cases done unto others as you would be done by.

Have been angry

Have spoke evil of any one.

Have you attended public worship.

Have you behaved in the house of God with that reverence due to his holy Character.

Have you wasted any part of holy time by idle conversation, light reading, or sloth.

Have you wasted any time during the week.

Have you shown decent and respectful behaviour to those who have the charge over you - Your parents, elders, Brothers and sisters, teachers, domestics, the aged or people who are older then yourself.

Have you been patient in acquiring your lessons.

Have you been polite and good humored to your Companions

Have you been modest in your deportment not boistrous or rude.

Have you spoken the truth as all tho it were to your hurt Have you used the name of God irrevently or spoken any thing which is a brief of the third Commandmant.

Have you spoken any indecent word or by any action discovered a want of true feminine delicacy.

Have you been neat in your person, made no unnecessary trouble by carelesness in your chamber or with your clothes.

Have you torn your clothes, books, or maps.

Have you wasted paper, quills, or any other articles.

Have you walked out without liberty.

Have you combed your hair with a fine tooth comb, and cleaned your teeth every morning.

Have you eaten any green fruit during the week.