Saturday, March 13, 2021

19C Men & Women Camping in the Adirondacks, New York

Photographer J F Holley, Camping in Lean-tos in the Adirondacks 1890

Here, both men and women are camping in the Adirondacks in various styles of fashionable dress. The six couples are standing in front of two lean-tos that have been set up as an open camp. One man has a banjo on his knee. The woman at the far left holds a small dog in her arms. Tall trees can be seen beyond the lean-tos.

The lean-tos are furnished with a number of household furnishings like curtains and shelf drapes. A mirror hangs inside the far lean-to. The roofs are covered with overlapping pieces of spruce or pine bark, held down with long boards. The large rocks in front of the lean-to probably mark the fire pit for campfires.

The photo shows many details of clothing and accessories. The women are wearing long skirts and fitted blouses. The men are wearing high, thick socks and breeches, fitted pants that end at the knee. Shoes, belts, jewelry and hats can also be seen. Three of the men are wearing a Scottish style of hat called a Tam o' Shanter.

J. F. Holley was a photographer from Chestertown, NY, during the late nineteenth century. He photographed Adirondack locations and people in the 1870s-90s, and published a series of photographs he called Adirondack Views. He also operated a variety store, and repaired bicycles, clocks, jewelry, etc.